Brain Maker


My baby! ‚̧ I just HAD to start you off with a bit of cuteness. My little Cujo gives the best snuggles. Tonight as I was putting some final touches on this post I just could not resist his charm, so I decided to share. ūüėČ Ok, onto the good stuff!

While other kids were off eating mud pies or jumping on the trampoline all summer long, I could be found devouring my newest book. ¬†I seriously had a problem (I actually told other kids I was allergic to the sun…. Cue Dracula music). ¬†In my defense though books are amazing. ¬†They allow you to travel to new worlds, experience different cultures, try on another persons skin and in some cases they open your eyes to a whole new world of truth. ¬†That obsession has been revived in adulthood. Seriously do not interrupt my reading or my audiobook. I may cause bodily harm. (Or more likely subject you to some serious eye rolling.) ¬†Here is a review of one of the books I recently finished reading.

Brain Maker is a brand new book by bestselling author Dr. David Perlmutter.  I recently came across this book on and I am so glad I did.
Brain Maker is one of those books that take you by surprise.¬† When I first found it I was like “ok, I know I need to avoid grains. Tell me something I don’t know.” ¬†This book did just that. ¬†Using cold hard facts and staggering statistics Brain Maker plunges you into the world that exsists within. ¬†The latest scientific studies are revealing just how intimate the connection between our gut bacteria and our brain health really is. ¬†This connection plays an astounding roll in the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, ADD and more! ¬†Using logic that rivals even our friend Mr. Spock; Dr. Perlmutter delivers truth bomb after truth bomb. He lays out just what these new studies mean for not only us, but future generations as well. This is certainly a must read for anyone looking to improve mental clarity, lose weight, heal digestive issues or beat the odds when is comes to Alzheimer’s. Grab your copy right here-

* A low carb approach is discussed in this book. I want to make you my readers aware that while I recommend this book; I do not typically recommend a low carb lifestyle long term. Low carb can be good therapeutically however for longer duration there are many factors that must be assessed. I still recommend this book. I feel the information it contains is too important for people to pass by, simply because of a disagreement over carb counts.

– Lady Bug