Six weeks in to 2017 and I am feeling great! I posted in January about my game plan to make this year, a year full of health. To read my thoughts on new years resolutions and see how I am approaching this year differently you can read here. Of course there have been struggles along the way and I wanted to share some thoughts with you before I get into today’s topic on metabolism.

I noticed a few weeks into my game plan that something was missing. I felt like I needed an extra something to boost my motivation. I looked around to those who I see as successful in their health pursuits and I noticed one thing. They had created a community around them. So, I began to brainstorm on how I could insert myself into a community or build one around me. I came up with two ideas.

First, I reached out and found an awesome personal accountability partner. We text every day and hold each other accountable when we fall. I love that I can reach out when I have a difficult day. I also love that when I start to get off track she is right there to be like “no”. I really recommend finding a partner in your health journey, if you have not found one already.

Second, I started attending the free group fitness classes my college offers. Yes, seriously they are free and I never took advantage of them before. Better late than never though! I love having these people around me. We recognize when someone is missing and we are so happy to see each other in class. This group is amazing and judgment free. I have been so blessed by this free resource. Now I don’t want to skip a workout because I love seeing their sweaty smiling faces haha!

Both of these things combined with my home workouts and eating plan, have helped me tremendously in 2017. I am seeing progress for the first time in over a year! Stay tuned for updates on my 2017 “game” 😉

Now, onto the metabolism! Contrary to our typical belief that metabolism is fat  burning, metabolism is a term that actually encompasses all of the chemical reactions that take place in our body. This of course includes fat burning but, I wanted to dig down to the base definition to demonstrate a point. Everything is connected. If you notice your “metabolism” slowing, you are actually seeing the result of a breakdown in your body’s basic chemical functions. This is a big deal. We need our bodies to thrive all the way down to a chemical layer. If one piece breaks down, we see the effects everywhere else. Because of this interconnected relationship, we need to approach the body as a whole. Metabolism has many different facets that need to be addressed. Here are a few ideas to help you nourish your body as well as boost your fat burning potential.

*Disclaimer, PLEASE DO NOT use just any essential oils internally. this is dangerous if you are just buying oils from your local health food store. I have carefully researched and found oils I trust 1000%. I am happy to share these oils with you. If you would like to know what oils I use and how to incorporate them into your health regimen, please contact me and I will do everything I can to help you safely enjoy the benefits of essential oils.*


  • For over all cellular health I recommend adding frankincense to your daily routine. Frankincense gets a lot of press in the essential oil world but, for a good reason. This oil packs a serious punch. From cellular health to skin health Frankincense is an amazing oil to have in your cabinet. To make sure it doesn’t just stay in your cabinet, here are a few ideas on how to use it on the daily

– Take 1 drop under your tongue in the morning and one in the evening.

– Add 2 drops to your favorite face wash or moisturizer.

-Take three drops in a gel cap in the morning.

-Massage 3 drops combined with carrier oil into your feet before bed at  night or upon rising in the morning

  • Life Long Vitality supplements from doTERRA. These supplements made a huge difference in my overall energy, mood and function. It nourishes your body from the inside out with essential oils, vitamins, minerals and more. If you had to choose one thing to boost your cellular metabolism, I recommend this as your first choice.
  • For fat burning, grapefruit is a must. Grapefruit is a wonderful citrus oil that has a bright invigorating scent. Not only will the aroma energize you, the oil when taken internally, will boost your metabolism. I personally take this oil internally in gel caps every morning.

– If you want a citrus flavored water, feel free to add 1-2 drops to your waterbottle in the morning.

-Take 2-3 drops in a gel cap with your breakfast.

  • Slim and Sassy metabolic blend. This blend is specifically aimed to boost your metabolism. This blend comes in capsules or as an oil AND AN ALL NEW SUGAR FREE GUM!!. It includes grapefruit, lemon, ginger, cinnamon and more. All of these wonderful oils combine to supercharge your metabolism and bust sugar cravings.

– Take one to three capsules in between meals to boost metabolism and help fight your mid day cravings.

– Add 1-2 drops of the essential oil to your drinking water and sip throughout the day.

– Pop in a piece of gum on the fly when cravings strike.


I hope these metabolism ideas help you as much as they have helped me. I love how I can use my essential oils to nourish my metabolism from every angle. I use frankincense and  lifelong vitality to enrich my cells, grapefruit to boost my morning, and slim and sassy to crush cravings all day long. If you want to know what oils I am using and how to get some samples of these amazing products, feel free to drop me a line. I love to hear from all of you, comment on this post and share your tips and tricks for metabolism.

-Lady Bug