I’m Hannah (Lady Bug). My Mom used to call me Hannah Bug when I was little so now that I am all grown up (if that ever really happens) I thought Lady Bug was a cute way to tie back to that childhood nickname. Haha. Well first off I just want to say that I am so glad you have stopped by and are checking out my page. I am a Pacific Northwest girl through and through but, my husband and I currently reside in Oklahoma with our two fur balls and in laws to keep us company. We love to camp and we are always down for a road trip. Seriously. 17 hrs straight driving? No problem. Haha. My eating “philosophy” is predominantly whole foods based. I love to cook and menu plan.

I have a passion for a wholestic approach to health. We must look at the whole body, mind and spirit, when striving for health. My passion for this was not always there. It has grown out of a lifelong struggle for answers in my own life. I was sick without reason for over 17 years. Year after year I would end up in the Dr.’s office with new symptoms and rarely answers. The only definite thing they knew was I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome beyond that, everything seemed to be a mystery. I however, was not helping myself. Breakfast was eggs ( which I still eat and consider to be a good choice) washed down with flaming hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew……… Mm mm healthy. Not! Haha. Thankfully the Lord had other plans.

As I went through Massage school my eyes began to be opened to the wonderful way God made my body. Get this, he made my body to HEAL ITSELF… So why wasn’t mine? After school I went to work at a local friend’s Natural Health Center. I can honestly say God used this wonderful woman to save my life. Through her, my journey to a healthy lifestyle and pursuit of natural healing methods began.

Today I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, essential and wellness educator, and a nursing student! I have dreams of one day becoming a nurse practitioner and having my own clinic where I can help people overcome infertility. I want to use a blend of western medicine and my traditional holistic approach. Sometimes you just have to thank God for your trials, in the end they can lead you to your greatest joy.  I now have worked with herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors to get to the root cause of my illness and find viable treatment options. I started this blog both as an outlet for myself along the way and as a way to share ideas, essential oil education, health resources, and tips with all of you! My journey is not over but, I invite you to join me.
Connect with me on social media, follow my blog posts and email me your questions so I can do question and answer posts. (We all learn more that way!) Remember one important thing though, I CANNOT treat, prevent, diagnose or cure ANY disease. The information on my site is for general advice and not to be used to substitute a Dr.’s medical advise or treatment. Please seek professional help for your medical needs.

Health and Happiness

-Lady Bug


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