Food Addiction

This lunch represents one step towards freedom. Food addiction is a real thing and I have realised I have a real problem. I posted a month or so ago about trying to find balance and experimenting with where my food boundaries really were. I literally couldn’t find that balance. With Dairy I didn’t notice issues but, once I opened the door to wheat, I lost it. 
For years I have been swinging back and forth between extreme restriction and un-ending binges. I really had to sit down and get honest with myself and realize I was not in control. I was being controlled. My brain was literally telling me I “needed” that cake and that pie and that pizza. 

I think the real moment of realisation for me, was when I told my husband I was only sorta hungry…and the proceeded to eat 2 double cheeseburgers, 1 large fry and a small coke. How is that only sorta hungry?? Truthfully…..I could have and kinda wanted to eat more. That was a catalyst. I realize I need to approach eating the way a drug addict approaches drugs. The problem is… You have to eat. You can’t just avoid eating. I need boundaries and I need help. 

I turned to prayer and brought this issue thoughtfully before the Lord. I knew my answers could only come from him. He led me to my essential oil books. I almost felt silly because I have suggested certain oils for others needing support with various addictions but, forgot to apply them to myself. I began to look for the right oils to support me through my recovery process. To my surprise, many of the oils I had been intending to incorporate into my daily routine already, were on the list of helpful oils for food addiction. I had felt drawn to add these oils in and here they were meant to help exactly the issue I had been avoiding. Sometimes you just have to give it to God and get out of the way haha. I have to continue to use these oils and take each day one day at a time. 
I am writing this early in my discovery process so results are not really in a place for discussion but, I wanted to share this with you all as I move through my journey in the good and the bad. I know I am not the only one struggling with this addiction and I hope this blog will help others who are struggling to speak out and seek help. If you are interested in joining me in using essential oils to support yourself in recovery from food addiction, please reach out to me. I would love to share my knowledge and I would love to have others to share this journey with. 


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