My car is now a cafe

So busy. So so so busy. That is life nowadays. We rush from place to place and grab food wherever we can. I know now that nursing school for me, is in full swing, I spend so much time on campus and then rushing around trying to get errands done. This has lead to a resurgence in fast food in my world. I can tell you, that does not feel good. While I am on fire in my workouts, I can’t out excersize bad nutrition. Not to mention I can’t afford the hit to my wallet haha. So I came up with a solution. My car is now a cafe. Before you as no, I am not open to the public, and no, I have not lost my mind
I have designed an on the go healthy eating resivour that will travel with me. I gathered snacks, utensils, hand wipes, condiment packets, and even a mini cooler that keeps things cold for 24hrs. All of this in my car will ensure that when I am out and about I have no shortage of healthy options. I have heard of others keeping food with them on the go but until now, I didn’t have a clue what to put in it. I felt blocked. Thankfully I found some inspiration and now I will share a few ideas with you. I gathered up a fun mix of carbs, protein, and fat, to make my box a well rounded source of nutrition. Some of these items are not perfectly paleo but, I still feel they count as whole food.

Indivudually wrapped dill pickles (these take care of my potato chip cravings)

Single serve hummus packs

Single serving guacamole packs 

Mama chia squeeze packs

Grass fed jerky

Single servings of nuts 

Healthy kettle corn 

Individual nut butter packs

Single serving carrot packs

Salad mix in serving sized containers




Grass fed/ raw cheese

Lunch meat 

Cooked bacon slices 

Paleo wraps

doTERRA slim and sassy gum/ capsules (crush cravings and boost metabolism

Condiment packages of mustard and mayo, hot sauce, and barbeque sauce

Apple slicer, mini cutting board, Knives, forks, hand wipes and a cooler that lasts 24hrs.

These are just some ideas and inspiration for you all to use. It us born out of my personal struggle to fuel my body and leave fast food out of everyday life. When I have this in my car now, I have my own personal cafe. I can grab a snack for class, take a moment to make a crazy good salad or wrap, or refuel after a hard workout. With a cooler on hand, the possibilities are endless I can pack a soup, steak bites or other leftovers from dinner for a completely prepped lunch with no hassle. All of this in my car, on the go. 
I hope you find this helpful! If you do something similar I would love to hear what you keep on hand. I also want to see pictures of your on the go car systems. Head over to instagram and post them, just make sure to tag me in them so I can see or use the hashtag #mycarisacafe 



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