Tummy tips and big health news!

Many of you know I have had awful problems with my gallbladder.

I have been taken to the emergency room more than once for a gallbladder attack. Can I just say, a gallbladder attack is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. This has been going on for many years and I was considering cutting my gallbladder out myself! (please don’t attempt this😝) I have had an odd bump on my ear for a long time. My friend who is trained in ear reflexology looked at it and said it was related to gallbladder imbalance. I laughed and said “yeah that is one of the areas I have horrible problems with.”

In January something changed. I had a horrible gallbladder attack. After that attack I felt that bump on my ear grow really inflamed. A few days later the bump camp off my ear! Since then I have had zero gallbladder symptoms. No problems and I believe my gallbladder is healed! I know a lot of you are following my health journey and I just had to share with you God’s goodness in this area.

Now. On to today’s topic. Tummy tips.

We all know the awful feeling of bloat. We wake up in the morning and feel like a beach ball. Or maybe we are doing the waddle of shame out of our favorite restaurant. (I think I just made myself hungry.) Either way the feeling of being bloated is miserable. It may or may not be associated with gas and other terrible tummy symptoms. So what is a girl or guy to do?

Drink lemon water.
Lemon water is a natural detox drink. The lemon juice will help flush your lymph glands, bind toxins stuck in your gut and the water helps flush it all out. In this case it can have the effect of draining the beach ball that is our bloated tummy. Starting your day off with a warm glass of lemon water can even help prevent bloating.

This mint will have you singing for joy after you experience sweet relief. Chew some fresh mint leaves or place a small drop of peppermint essential oil on your tongue.
Make sure you are only using pure therapeutic grade oil. If you want to know what oils I use feel free to Contact me.

This is a known tummy tamer. You can either pick up some candied ginger in the store, chew a tiny piece of fresh ginger at home (be prepared to clear the sinuses) or add a drop of ginger essential oil to 2 tablespoons of olive oil and rub on your tummy. Dilute the ginger even more for children. You can also take a drop of ginger oil internally by first placing it in an empty gel cap.

My final advice is about prevention.
If you get bloating more than just occasionally, talk with your doctor. It may be a sign of food intolerance or an imbalance in your gut bacteria. Both of these are issues that need to be addressed. If you have a known food allergy or intolerance staying away from that food will help prevent future bloating.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful. Remember, I am not a healthcare professional. These tips are just general information. They are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

May your beach ball be ever deflated!



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