Tips to make healthy eating easier


Wow. It has been a long time since my last post! Time really flies when you get busy. Michael and I got the chance to enjoy our church’s global gathering this year for the first time! We had such a wonderful time. Upon our return we have had several family members become ill (including me) AND I started college( I think I am losing my mind, who has time for all this?)! I will be taking online classes this semester and a hands on CNA course all for the goal of becoming a nurse. I am very excited to start down this path and can’t wait to be a nurse. As you can imagine though, this will keep life busy though in the meantime. Speaking of busy….. (do you like my Segway?😆) Between work schedules, school activities and church functions; taking time to cook healthy food can be almost impossible. The other night I walked in the door after working a double shift to find my crockpot had failed to cook dinner…… Meltdown city. Haha. I thought since kids are back in school and we are all running like crazy this would be a good time share a few tips on how to make this healthy lifestyle thing easier. The key is really planning and prep. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Cook double batches
One of the easiest things you can do is to make double of whatever you are cooking. If you are making a soup that feeds four, double the recipe and set half aside. Now you have two dinners with almost no extra prep time. Freeze the one portion and use it in the future or just seal it in the fridge and use it for a lunch through the week. 

Organize your fridge

If at any given time you can look in the fridge and see exactly what ingredients, snacks and prepped food you have on hand, life functions so much better. Next time it’s 4:45 and the family wants dinner at 5 you can see exactly what you are working with. This also makes shopping much easier as you won’t be buying ingredients that you already had buried in the depths of the fridge. How much arugula do you really need?

Keep a few staples prepped on hand

I like to make a few things up and eat on them through the the week. I keep a big salad on hand for an easy side to dinner or lunch. Having one on hand means I only need one more side and I don’t have to cut lettuce and veggies every time I want a salad. I also keep cooked chicken breast on hand for easy wraps, salad topping or a no fuss lunch. You can look at the staples you use every week and decide what works best for you. 

Prep your veggies once a week

Fruit is usually the first thing to be eaten. Why? Because it’s out on the counter and prepped. Nothing is more frustrating than buying fresh veggies only to have them rot because no one eats them. Humans have a natural tendency to eat whatever is in front of them. When you get home from grocery shopping cut up and portion out your veggies. If you open your fridge and have a portion sized Baggie ready to go, you are more likely to grab that instead of the chips in the cupboard. If portion sized baggies seem like too much work, then just cut up your veggies and leave them in one big container. 

Use your crockpot

This might seem like a no brainer, but I know plenty of people that have never used that crockpot they got as a gift some 10 years back. This little baby has saved my bacon more than once. Nothing is better then arriving home to find dinner has already been cooked. I made  2 ingredient brisket last night with the help of my crockpot. It tasted amazing and took me 3min of prep. Just make sure you plug it in…..yes I have forgotten to plug it in before. 

I hope these tips work for you like they do for me. Things don’t always work out like we want (these last few weeks for example😝) but, having meals on hand or stuff to throw in the crockpot can really make a huge difference.

-Lady Bug


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