Welcome to my blog!

Lady Bug Health is about empowerment. Empowerment for better health, cleaner lives and JOY. You CAN climb those mountains you CAN overcome those fears. Real food, exercise, essential oils, and herbs, these are the tools we use to help achieve natural vitality in our everyday lives and these are the tools we want to share. In my own journey is a blend of east meets west. A combination of “western” living and “western medicine” with a return to the “traditional” methods of health. I have experienced pain and numerous health complications including infertility and weight gain. I know however, that there is more to my story. These trials have ignited my passion for natural health and a holistic approach to healing. I have set out to share my journey with all of you so we can learn together. Look for essential oil information, health tips, personal stories and updates on the latest research in the health sphere. To join the conversation, connect with me on social media.



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